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MON - FRI : 10am - 6pm


90 Lor 23 Geylang,

Agrow building, #06-02

Singapore 388393

90 Lor 23 Geylang,

Agrow building, #06-02

Singapore 388393

MON - FRI : 10am - 6pm

Rules & Regulations

Revision October 2019



The DAYPASS gives you access to the space from 10AM – 5PM (Monday-Friday). No shows will be charged 100% of the fee unless given 24 hour advance notice.

The MONTHPASS gives you 24/7 to the workspace.



SRW_ is a self-served workspace. Customer must be able to operate machines without assistance.

SRW_ accepts no liability for any accident, injury or misadventure caused by any person while using the studio.

Please respect the community and thoroughly clean up after yourself. Each work station/machine, tooling, etc. to be returned to its original position after use and sweep the floor.

Do not leave your stuff on machine or table unattended more than 30 minutes. It may get cleaned and any missed items would not be responsible by SRW_.

If the workspace is at full capacity, each member shall only use half of the pattern table.

Please allow cutting table for cutting purposes if someone needs to use for cutting.

Music must be kept at a minimum volume. Please be courteous and check others before changing to a different tune.

If you are the last person to use the workspace, please turn off all lights and appliances, and ensure door is securely locked upon exit.

Personal belongings are responsibilities of the customer and may not be left unattended. SRW_ does not accept any responsibilities for personal belongings’ loss, stolen, or damage while on the SRW_ premise.

Do not abuse the internet – since we are all sharing one network we ask that members do not download or stream for long periods of time. In the event that the internet is down, please contact the manager.

Do not disturb people who are wearing headphones on both ears. If someone has one ear open, that is the signal that they are approachable. This way we can maintain a sense of personal space without having cubicles and walls.

Events. For non-members using the space for events: you break it, you buy it. If any equipment or furniture is damaged by your event’s attendees, you are responsible for replacing the item. The event space must be returned to its original condition at the end of every event. SRW_ partner organizations host events occasionally on evenings and weekends which are free and open to all MONTHPASS SRW_ members.

Surveillance cameras are recording 24/7. Any illegal activity will be reported to police and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



Do not use a machine if you are unsure how to use it.

All machines are on first come serve basis unless reserved online. If someone is waiting for a machine, please be courteous and respect 2 hours time limit.

Please report to a manager if any tool or machine is not working before attempting to fit it.

No tooling or machine can be removed from studio.



Member is required to store your belongings at proper assigned locker. Others will be removed without notice.

Lockers are first come first serve. Please return the key and remove after membership ends. There will be a $50 charge for each key that is not returned to us on the last day of your membership.

Food and drinks cannot be stored in locker.

Locker/storage are must be cleaned out within 48 hours after your membership expires.

Monthly member will be given 1 FREE locker.

Monthly member can bring bins for storage. Storage is at an extra charge.



Do not leave food/beverage overnight or eat/drink others. Any leftover will be discarded by end of day without notice.

Coffee Machine/Kettle: Please make sure to turn it off after use as well as throw out leftover water and coffee grinds.

No drink allows near machine or on cutting table without cup closure and coaster.

No smoking on the premises or inside building.



Member is allowed to bring guest (s) for 2 hours max per visit per day.

No guest is allowed after business hour without manager’s approval. Any violation will be penalized $100 or resulted in membership termination.

Guests are not allowed to use any machine or tool.

No children under 8 years old is allowed in studio without an accompanied.

Any violations to the rules set above will result in termination of membership immediately and additional fees may be required.